Giving fathers and grandfathers lasting tokens of appreciation has become the best way to show them how much we care for all that they do for us, and mean to us.

There is no Father's Day gift more enduring and appropriate than men's jewelry selected especially with him and his lifestyle in mind. When you think about your own dad (or other dads you wish to honor), what great memories come up for you? What is he like? What does he like?

Is your Dad a traditional man, with a preference for timeless styles in excellent taste? Your jeweler features a full selection of gold and onyx classic gent's rings, including some with a diamond accent.Want a new twist on the customary black gem? Black star sapphires are becoming increasingly popular, and satisfy even the most exacting taste.

Is he open to change? For a touch of color, give him a gent's ring with a blue sapphire, in one of the more innovative styles available these days.

For the modern, trendy Dads you know, why not try the tailored new look of stainless steel? Stainless steel is being forged into streamlined cufflinks and ID bracelets with bold, clean looks that can go from boardroom to sports bar to the great outdoors with equal style.

We can help you select the exact gift that will give your Dad an inner smile and great memories whenever he wears it.