The design competition for this lucrative market means more choices and simpler Father's Day shopping than ever before. Platinum remains popular, but more popularly priced white and grey metals, such as stainless steel, and titanium, are at the heart of the men's jewelry craze.

Traditionally associated with high-tech manufacturing, these strong metals are more appealing to men for everyday wear than their flashier gold counterparts. Titanium can be produced in different colors, with men favoring neutral grays, silvers and blacks. Stainless steel leads the pack because it requires very little care (how many men want to polish their silver?) to maintain its original color and shine.

All of these metals are easily accented with silver, karat gold, cable, leather, diamonds and even rubber to create modern looks for men, with eye-catching black-and-white designs a popular choice this season. Cuff links have always been a strong category for men because ? like women's earrings ? they offer so much flexibility in design.

Men may never favor the multi-colored gems that women do, but they can still wear precious stones. Onyx and mother-of-pearl  set in sterling silver cuff links are stylish and dressy, but the strong contrasting colors make them unmistakably masculine. Along with cuff links, watches have always been a men's jewelry staple ? but now understated pendants, bracelets and especially rings are acceptable accents for everyone from college students to CEOs. Durable stainless steel and rubber create that same striking black-and-white combination, while the subtle color variations of titanium and platinum can be used to generate geometric patterns.