Stainless steel has been popular in men's watchbands for the last decade, and is now a big favorite for other men's jewelry, as well. It can be bright polished or matte finished, and it provides a terrific setting for materials from black silver and rubber to diamonds and colored stones.

Stainless steel is tough and beautiful, and lends itself to bold styles with plenty of detailing. It's easy to maintain, which makes it perfect for men on the go. Try stainless cufflinks, cuff bracelets or bold rings as fashionable gifts for Dad this year.

Another fabulous space-age metal is titanium. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, which makes it one of the world's sturdiest materials. It's corrosion resistant, which means it can be worn safely in seawater and chlorinated pools, making it ideal for sportsmen. It's feather light and super strong.

Natural titanium comes in a white-silver metallic finish, but titanium can be anodized with other materials to produce black and colored titanium. Inlays of anodized titanium or gold have become popular styles in rings and cufflinks. Comfortable to wear, titanium jewelry offers a classic look for men of all ages.

Tungsten carbide is the newest entry in metals, creating fabulous pieces for men. Its extreme hardness, perfect polish and mirror finish make tungsten carbide an impressive material to wear. Its weight is roughly comparable to platinum, and tungsten carbide is virtually scratchproof, making it ideal for the active man. Tungsten carbide can be worn alone, or inlaid with other metals and materials for interesting variety.