We all remember our own mom's mother's ring - a single (or maybe double!) row of birthstones, often set in chronological order. Today, this classic remains fashionable, but designers have expanded mother's ring lines to include custom varieties suitable for any mother's discerning taste.

For some moms, tweaking the classic is the perfect solution. Variations include platinum settings that showcase colored stones and diamonds to their fullest brilliance, diamonds or pearls to separate birthstones that don't quite coordinate, or decorative gold banding between stones. Modifying the size, shape or orientation of gems - turning square cuts on an angle, for example - allows for myriad new looks.

Mothers who'd like to boldly proclaim their motherhood may choose rings bearing inscriptions of each child's name or block letters spelling M-O-M (these styles leave no doubt what those colored stones stand for!). But boasting rights aside, not every mom wants a ring to herald her status. For more subtle statements, opt for bypass designs accented with diamonds, or let us show you some alternatives featuring artistic gem arrangements. Some larger band designs put the focus on the precious metal work instead of the jewels. Family rings incorporating mom's - or mom's and dad's - birthstones are popular options that increase design possibilities, especially for smaller families. Such a ring transcends mom's love for her children, and expresses her commitment to both marriage and the family unit.

Oftentimes, the purchase of mother's or grandmother's jewelry is put off because the family may not be complete. Don't make mom wait! Many styles allow the addition of stones - to represent children, grandchildren, even sons- and daughters-in-law - as the family grows. Want to buy a ring for an expectant mother? Fill the empty space with a diamond or pearl to be replaced when the child is born; the extra gemstone can become a memorable pendant. Mother's rings are available in a wide range of price points, perfect for solo presentations or meaningful group gifts. Don't forget to order well in advance; it takes time to create a ring that will be as cherished and unique as the person who wears it.