The Robbins Advantage

Why is Robbins Diamonds So Different?

How did it get that way? The Robbins family has been selling jewelry in our area for nearly a century. And the latest generation was literally raised in a jewelry store. And we know exactly how jewelry has always been done. Which makes us especially suited to change everything. We're extremely proud of our relationship with our customers and our long history in our area. Which is why we feel good about serving our latest customers in a completely new and better way.


The Robbins family has been in the diamond business as long as anyone can remember. Honestly, nobody really knows - it goes back to the Czars in Russia. But if your grandparents lived in the greater Philly area, there's a decent chance they got their engagement ring from our grandparents, Leo or Sylvia at Leo Robbins and Sons on the corner of 8th and Walnut. The same could be said if your parents bought their ring around here. But they might have gotten theirs from our father, Jerry Robbins, the guy with the diamond in his beard at Robbins 8th and Walnut.

Through the years, Robbins Diamonds has grown with the local economy when times were good, and likewise shared in the not so good times. All of which has helped us in offering the community the type of jewelry they would most like, in the way and at the prices that were the best and most enjoyable for them. And we think if anything, that's the Robbins tradition. And that's certainly held true in the last few years. So while the crazy economy helped convince us to downsize, doing so has proven to be one of the best things to ever happen to Robbins Diamonds, and for our customers.

So today, my brother and I run Robbins Diamonds in tax-free Delaware, in one of the coolest, most revolutionary jewelry stores anywhere, where customers shop and get their jewelry in a whole new way and save on taxes to boot.

We'd love to show you sometime.

Jason and Gordon Robbins