Love is Essential!

If you’re looking to purchase an Engagement Ring or Wedding Rings between now and Spring 2021, please read this.

The jewelry industry (like many industries) is part of a global economy. When the Covid shutdowns occurred around the world, we witnessed disruptions in our distribution channels and our customer’s rings were delayed.

Once we opened in Delaware by appointment-only (well in advance of PA and NJ) we saw an onslaught of anxious customers who were unable to pop the question or get their Wedding Rings till Jewelry stores reopened. We were thrilled to see them and so glad we could help, but many had to wait ‘till production started to ramp up again to start receiving their orders. Ironically, the greatest delays were from our closest vendors just north in NYC and that region.

I don’t want to appear as an alarmist, but the situation worldwide appears to be getting worse and we’re all concerned about the virus spread and lockdowns in place around the world and anticipated in parts of our country. We now have the advantage of foresight, this interruption occurred roughly 6 months ago, all the same channels are in place and no reason to think it will not go down the same way again.

If your plans are open or flexible, then all of this is no biggie! But if you have timetables or plans to consider, I strongly suggest you consider purchasing now. Whether it’s from us at Robbins Diamonds in Tax-Free Delaware, and yeah, we really hope you do ;-) , or from another family owned and operated Independent Jeweler in the area please consider acting now.

Stay safe and hopes for a healthy and happy holiday season and beyond in 2021.


Gordon Robbins