Robbins Diamonds has stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Throughout our stores, we carry an extensive inventory of loose diamonds. We also are members of a huge Buying Group that makes our already huge inventory even bigger and more diverse. Our combined inventory amounts to thousands of loose diamonds that are available for you to see within a day or two. Our inventory changes constantly, and new diamonds are added all the time.

Never just choose a diamond based on information on a grading certificate only! You need to sit and compare one diamond against another to see the subtle differences in beauty, sparkle, and “fire.” After all, it’s something a woman sees on her finger every day of her life! Be sure that you get to see the differences before you choose. Robbins has the people who can give you expert assistance, selection, availability, and equipment in all of our stores to help you compare and make an educated, intelligent choice.

Want an easy way to learn how to price a diamond? Click here for our Pricing Guide.