Diamonds Done Differently

Robbins Diamonds has changed the way engagement rings are purchased, and how you shop for them.  And our customers love it.  We also do diamonds differently.  While a more traditional jeweler might have some diamonds in the store, and a vast internet-system where you can also choose diamonds online  - we proudly do not do that.

The diamonds you can see - and that we have in our store -are the diamonds you can buy.  And that's a good thing.   Because choosing a diamond is not rocket science.  It's simple - as long as you use your eyes, your wallet and the diamonds you've got right in front of you to decide - AND when you have diamonds as carefully selected as ours.   

Never just choose a diamond based on information on a grading certificate only! You need to sit and compare one diamond against another to see the subtle differences in beauty, sparkle, and “fire”. After all, it’s something a woman sees on her finger every day of her life! Be sure that you get to see the differences before you choose. Robbins has the people who can give you expert assistance, selection, availability, and equipment to help you compare and make an educated, intelligent choice.