Self-Serve Ring Cases, How's that possible?

How are you able to help yourself to thousands of rings without supervision? 

All of these rings are high quality prototypes.

They're made of non-precious metal and non-precious stones but look and feel like the real thing.  You'll see all the expert work and detail of each style but because they're not gold, platinum or diamonds, we're OK with leaving you alone and allowing you to pick them up yourself without supervision. 

Don't worry, no one will rush you or stand over your shoulder...

Take your time, shop at your own pace.  Customers love to help themselves and play with the rings this way, it's like being at the Apple Store!

When you find the ring you love, we'll make you a brand-new, fresh-made ring in her finger size designed for the diamond you've selected.  You won't end up with one from the case that's been handled by hundreds of other customers and then ends up being cut, bent and altered. 

It'll be a completely new ring made just for you!